On-line monitoring

On-line monitoring allows tracing acute materials for a client during the daytime. Depending on the requirements of the customers, the issue of the materials may be traced with different periodicity: every hour or once in 15 minutes. On-line monitoring may be provided on continuing basis or in the framework of an important event for a client.

We also provide SMS-services on the issue of acute materials to mobile phones of the employees of your company. This allows keeping your eye on the ball and not missing any important material. The text of SMS may contain key notes of the issue, brief annotation, a link to an internet version and other information which a customer needs.

For regular clients on-line monitoring may be launched on the same day. You need to contact a personal manager and provide technical tasks for services.

Daily monitoring

Daily monitoring is the most convenient type of providing information for most of our clients. Every morning you get structured documents with mentioning of a company, a person of an event according to the technical task.

An important advantage of our company in the comparison to our competitors is the applicability and actuality of the products – all morning newspapers and magazines are included in the monitoring. This approach allows customers to get full image of the information field rather than the “previous-day monitoring”.

Clients can choose the most convenient time to receive the products, for example, the client can coordinate it with daily briefing or get information product later. The form and the way of providing monitoring can be discussed individually with a client. Flexible approach to each client makes it possible to work with daily monitoring in coordination with clients’ work schedule.

Weekly monitoring

For companies with moderate level of representation in the media we offer a convenient and affordable informational product – weekly monitoring. This form of monitoring allows maintaining a high level of actuality of information and tracing all mentions of your company, controlling information field and reacting on a timely basis to negative changes.

If it is necessary (if you expect a splash of information activity) you can additionally order daily monitoring for a short period of time. Flexible approach to informational products allows you to keep your eye on the ball with the allocated budget.

Our specialists can choose the most convenient periodicity of providing information, its structure, fullness and other characteristics of an information product.

Industry news, digest

Industry digest is an information product which can be a part of the main monitoring or can be provided separately with the necessary periodicity. It allows tracing the news of your competitors, changes in legislation, information on industry events, news on the introduction of new technologies, important international events or any other important information.

As a rule, industry digest is provided in a tabloid form and includes annotations to the events which fully express the plot of the news. This form is the most convenient.

Using elaborated technical task our experts choose the most interesting news and events, that allows our clients to save their time and to keep up with important subjects. We provide industry digest on daily or weekly basis.

Monitoring of special editions

The sources we use in our work comprise a large number of editions and publications and guarantee a maximum coverage of the information field. However, a number of our clients need monitoring of highly specialized editions, which contain specific information which is not actual for a large number of readers. In this case we do monitoring of specialized press by hand. Our specialists promptly include all necessary materials into monitoring.

Moreover, if a client wants, we can provide this printed media with the mention of the client’s company or scanned articles in the most convenient form for our clients.

Monitoring of special editions is an individual approach to the requirements of your company and provides maximum coverage of the media field and therefore confidence in the completeness of the information provided.

Social media monitoring

Today, social media form an agenda and influence the image of the company just like mass media, which makes these sources of information really important. A number of publications which make re-posts of media information and comments play an important role in the formation of information field. If you want to know what the top-bloggers as well as ordinary users of social networks write about you and use this information for interacting with target audience, you can order social media monitoring.

We monitor the mentions of your company or an event both in the social media and among a limited number of authors and provide information to you in the most convenient form. If it is necessary, the information or posts which pose a threat to your company’s image may be additionally marked.

Using this information, the specialists from press-service could begin a dialogue with users and find the most efficient ways to communicate with target audience. Social media monitoring also allows revealing reviews of ultimate consumers about your products or services, which makes it possible to adapt them to comply with the demands of your clients.