Analytical report for a period of time

Analytical report for a period of time may be provided both regularly and retrospectively (report for several years). It can be added to daily or weekly media monitoring or can be a separate information product.

Comparative analysis of the indicators for the previous periods based on the publications interesting for the media, comparison of the tonality of the messages, rating of the most active media and journalists, dynamics of mentioning and grounds of information peaks as well as some other necessary indicators allow revealing and tracing the tendencies of the development of information field and estimate the work of press-service and correct the company’s strategy. Compressed information and clear comments of analysts significantly increase the efficiency of application of the analytical report for the specialists of your company.

The cost of the analytical report offered by the Media Monitoring Centre directly depends on the volume of mentions, periodicity of provided information, and the quantity of chosen indicators. We chose the most appropriate content and coverage format of monitoring according to the requirements, application targets and budget of a customer.

Competitive analysis

When taking important strategic decisions which have an effect on the development of the company, it is very important to estimate the targets and prospects of your competitors, see their advantages, know their mistakes and unusual solutions. Are you expecting to open a new branch or introduce a new product into the market? Are you expecting an important contract? Do you want to know how your competitors have overcome the crisis? We are glad to offer you a unique information product – an analysis of your competitors’ information field.

Each table or diagram will be followed by explanations and conclusions. If necessary, some indicators can be shown in dynamics which allows tracing some definite tendencies. Competitive analysis may be provided for any definite period of time, it can be provided on one-time basis or regularly. It can be provided as a research or in one document or as an addition to an analytical report.

Using this information you can not only estimate the current situation of your competitors and how they plan to develop further but you will be able to plan your own work strategy in the industry.

Analytical note on an event

Analytical note on an event allows changing focus in the direction of a specific situation and estimate its influence on the company’s image, development strategy, competitors and the market as a whole. The analysis of the situation is conducted for a period and may include the analysis of previous events, the event itself and evaluation of the information coverage and the influence of the event.

Analytical note on an event allows estimating a number of important parameters: what impact the event had on the image of the company, the potential of the current situation, or, if the event has been initiated by your company – how effective it has been, media coverage of the event, the audience which reads these publications etc.

Using a large number of sources and elaborated tools our specialists will conduct necessary research, analyze qualitative and quantitative indicators and on this basis will give the answers to your questions. If necessary we can provide short-term forecasts on the development of the situation.

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis is an information product which allows, using open sources, analyzing market abilities of a product or a service, elaborating more efficient promotion and positioning strategy, seeing new ways of your company’s development.

Marketing analysis allows estimating tendencies and prospects of market development in current conditions, analyzing competitors’ development strategy, seeing their advantages and mistakes and using this experience in your own market policy. Moreover, the report may include the estimation of the company’s activities in current situation. The research of advertising methods may be an important element of the analysis.

The specialists of our company conduct marketing analysis using modern tools of research, which are necessary for the client. This allows efficiently using received information product in your work.

Reputational analysis

Reputational analysis is one of the methods of estimation of efficiency of press-service. It allows correcting promotion strategy taking into account the methods that influence the company’s image. It also gives an opportunity to estimate risks and see problems and prevent negative effects of some events and situations on your company’s image.

Reputational analysis is conducted using modern methods of research including expert estimations, journalists and media estimations, ratings and analysis of other important parameters.

The research results in analysts’ assessment of your company’s reputation in information field and if necessary it may include the report on the dynamics of image changes. This data can be used to correct promotion strategy and advertising campaigns to improve their efficiency.


The content-analysis of a publication is needed when it is necessary to limit the list of media sources and chose the ones which provide more important information, for example, for PR-campaign of your company. In this case we do a specialized research which allows you to estimate the trend and the audience of a publication, its approach to an event, the level of journalists’ loyalty, the format and possibility to publish any advertising materials there as well as some other important parameters.

Our specialists do content-analysis of any degree of complexity including content-analysis of a whole publication; estimate the journalists’ approach to the subject or company. They also estimate qualitative and quantitative indicators.

The period of the research as well as the methods of the research with the whole volume of information product are determined for each client individually depending on research tasks.